Content Analysis - Heavy Metals Test

Content Analysis - Heavy Metals Test


Heavy Metals

Heavy metals are elements classified by their high density, as well as their biological and chemical behavior. Exposure to large amounts of these metals can lead to harmful toxic effects, such as cancer, organ failure, and even death. Due to common use and prevalence in the environment, certain heavy metals – cadmium, lead, arsenic, and mercury – have a higher potential for causing harm.

The cannabis plant has a high affinity and may accumulate these heavy metals through its growing process. Metals can be introduced to the plant through many different avenues, including air, water, and soil.

At Spectra Analytical Lab we utilize atomic absorption spectrometry (AAS) to test for cadmium, lead, arsenic, and mercury.

Heavy Metals tested for:

  • (Cd) Cadmium – 4 ppm
  • (Pb) Lead – 6 ppm
  • (As) Arsenic – 10 ppm
  • (Hg) Mercury – 2 ppm